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Uniform Patrol

The Uniform Patrol Division is under the command of Capt. Clay Pangle. The Uniform Patrol Division consists of a group of highly trained, responsive, and dedicated officers. The men and women of this division perform the most visible and recognizable functions of the Sheriff’s Office.

The primary responsibilities of the Uniform Patrol Division are to provide proactive community patrols, answer calls for service, enforce criminal laws and county ordinances, provide traffic safety enforcement, and maintain public peace and safety. Deputies assigned to this division are, quite often, the agency’s first line of defense and considered the “backbone” of the agency.

The Uniform Patrol Division is comprised of four teams operating on a 12-hour schedule with continuous 24-hour coverage. Each team consists of a lieutenant, a sergeant, and several patrol officers. In addition, there are three Animal Control Officers and one K-9 unit.

The Uniform Division Headquarters is located at the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office, 805 Professional Blvd. and may be contacted directly at 706-876-1447.

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