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Whitfield County Sheriff's Office



The Training Division is under the direction of Captain Clay Pangle and a Training Officer, Lt. Martinez. There are regulations in place mandating a specified number of annual training hours for each certified officer. In addition, this division strives to maintain a high level of additional classroom and firearms training to complement and enhance the mandatory training and to keep officers up to date on the latest methods, laws, and information.

We have a modern classroom facility located at 805 Professional Blvd that is used for both mandated and specialized classroom training. This classroom is equipped with all of the necessary technology, audio, and video equipment to accommodate most types of instruction or presentation. Wireless Internet service is available as well.

Our Firearms Training Center is located off Old Prater’s Mill Road. 

Though this training Center is used by our officers, it is also available to officers from other agencies and jurisdictions. This location offers multiple types of firearms training and instruction. In addition to the firing range there is also a classroom at this location to accommodate a mixture of training in one location.