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Court Services Division is under the direction of Capt. Steve Fields.

The responsibilities of the Court Services Division encompass a wide area of concern. This division is charged with the duty of ensuring the security of the courtroom, potentially a very volatile place. Whitfield County has several different types of court that fall under the jurisdiction of the Court Services Division. They are as follows:

  • Superior Court: This is where most all criminal and major civil trials are held. There are four judges that handle the caseload for the Superior court. The court calendar runs from January through December.
  • Magistrate Court: This court issues warrants and handles civil cases involving less than $5000. There are four judges that handle the caseload for Magistrate Court.
  • Probate Court: This court handles most traffic-related offenses as well as the filing of Wills and other court-related documentation. There is one judge that handles the caseload for Probate Court.
  • Juvenile Court: This court handles all the cases involving juveniles in Whitfield County. There is one judge that handles the caseload for juvenile court.

In addition to handling the security for all Whitfield County Courts, Court Services Division is also responsible for serving (arresting wanted persons) criminal warrants and other court orders as issued by the judge of all the courts. Also, every warrant that is issued by the Magistrate Court is forwarded to court services to be entered into the computer. Court services maintains GCIC (Georgia Crimes Information Center) and NCIC (National Crimes Information Center) records on wanted persons. NCIC and GCIC data bases allow law enforcement officers all over the United States to check a person to see if they are wanted. If someone that has outstanding warrants in Whitfield County is arrested on these warrants in another state, Court Services is responsible for ensuring safe transportation of the prisoner back to Whitfield County to answer to their charges. If while in the custody of the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office, a prisoner is to be transported in any manner i.e. to court, or to the doctor or hospital, the Court Services Division is responsible for the prisoner transport and the safety of the public while the prisoner is on the “outside.”